Who are we and what are we doing?

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio
We make up, create and fill up with warmth of our hands our Amigurumi toys and other wonderful things which decorate and make surroundigs cozy. If you like arts and crafts or dream about learning to crochet, you will definitely find here something special for you!


Right now we are tirelessly making a lot of fascinating materials for this site. Some materials are ready, but most are still in progress: free tutorial articles, comprehensive master class on crocheting for beginning craftswomen and detailed author’s instructions, which are appropriate for beginners and those, who already can crochet as well. Don’t miss – it will be great!
Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

Meanwhile, the first crochet patterns are available online.


While we are working on other materials, some of them (free and paid) are available on the site.

What can you find on our website?

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

If you are a beginner

We are preparing for you big and comprehensive master class, where we will tell about techniques we use, basic skills and other master secrets in details and step-by-step. However, we’ve already included in our paid patterns a free bonus – a small crochet tutorial for beginners. So, any beginner can try to start crocheting during our patterns!

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

If you are a master

You will find many detailed and well-made patterns on making author’s Amigurumi toys very soon. You will fill up them with warmth of your hands and turn them to your kind friends.

Some of the patterns are ready!

It will be more patterns soon, now we are making up new ones and making our collection bigger and richer.

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

If you are not sure

To get the impression of how our patterns are made and to be sure that you can crochet with these patterns easily you can start with free patterns, Introductory fragments and mini-lessons. You can download something for free right now!

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

If you are a connoisseur of beauty

You will also be able to buy ready toys. With ONE condition. Every ready work will be made on order with no changes (we stand for author’s originality) or put up for sale in single instance.


Soon online