About the project

Hi, my name is Angelika.

This project has appeared as a result of my irrepressible desire to create with my own hands

and strong belief in doing something that really inspires me.

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio

Everything you will find here is all about my creativity. All provided crochet patterns, lessons and articles here (available online and which are still in progress) are my author’s work.


I am an architect according to my first educational degree and a teacher according to second. As far as I remember myself I always knitted or crocheted. If I didn’t, I sewed or made something using random materials. Family and friends loved my crafts and they asked to make some “little things” to them too. This is how came up the idea that other people may love it too. I created an Instagram account and, fortunately, was made sure.


Now I dedicate all my spare time to Lika’s Studio and enjoy the possibility to share with my crafts, receive feedback and feel that all this is not in vain.

Crochet Patterns by Lika's Studio
I am convinced that everyone can crochet if one’s has desire. Desire is a key moment, if you have it, the rest is not that complicated. For a start you need only basic skills and a good instruction on making the assigned task. Exact the same step-by-step patterns, made both for beginners and those who can crochet, I publish here.


Most of materials are still in progress – free tutorial articles, comprehensive master class on crocheting for beginning craftswomen… My sister Natalia Kister has supported me with my idea and we are working on this project together now.


In sum, there are a lot of interesting things to come, so subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook pages and check the news, which are definitely will be there soon! ))