Payment and delivery


All provided prices in our online-store are RUB, US-Dollar ($) and EUR (€), but you can pay from any country, any account and in any currency. In this case, the final cost will be automatically converted due to official exchange rate.

Information for EU citizens

The price excludes VAT. For Russian citizens, citizens of CIS countries and other countries outside the EU the price will not change. EU citizens will be charged a fee (VAT), that is officialy established in the country, from where you will make a purchase.

Detailed information about methods of payment and security policy of electronic payments is below:

Methods of payment

Payment is accepted via bank transfer. You can choose a payment method that suits you:


– PayPal: Even if you don’t have PayPal account, you can pay with your debit or credit card using PayPal;


– Credit cards: Online payment is realized through convenient safe modern payment processing platform Stripe: you need to insert the number of the card, CVC code and confirm your payment – if 3-D Secure protection is provided.

Security police of electronic payments

We have a very serious and responsible attitude to the confidentiality of our clients’ data and we never send your info to third party.


Any of given payment methods completely guarantee your safety. PayPal and Stripe systems function on the basis of modern technologies and protocols, developed by international payment systems.


We don’t keep in our online store bank details, contact and registration information of cardholder/e-wallet owner, processing data is secured due to modern standarts of PayPal and Stripe’s processing centres, so no one can steal your data.


In our online shop you can get ready products, in stock and making on order, and electronic goods (patterns, master classes, tutorial and information material) as well. You can see detailed information about methods of delivery of physical goods and purchase of electronic products here:

Electronic goods (patterns, master classes etc.)

Purchase of Electronic Goods (patterns, master classes etc.) is made via downloading of Eletronic Good on your computer, smartphone or other digital device. Downloading link is available right after payment of order and stays active anytime — you can come back to your account using login and password and download purchased product again.


Please, do not forget that all purchased materials are author’s property and intended for your personal use only. Do not copy, share, resell or forward the pattern itself in any way. It will be considered as violation of the law which entails legal liability. More about rights and duties you can learn here:

Physical goods (ready products)

ДThe transfer of physical goods (ready products) is made from Republic of Belarus to any place in the world. The price is counted and shown in the cart of online shop automatically and depends on your delivery address and up-to-date rates.


Right now the price of sending the small package with maximum weight < 2 kg within Republic of Belarus is 200 RUB (about 3 $), outside Republic of Belarus international tariff is applied — 800 RUB (about 12 $).